Pharmaceutical and Life Science industries including skin care, cosmetics, medicine, and hospital requires water, either for production or CIP, of the utmost quality: free of pathogens and chemicals such as chlorine and ozone. Aquafine UV system in pharmaceutical industry could be used for: Disinfection, Chlorine Destruction, Ozone Destruction, and TOC Reduction.



Disinfection is the most common application for UV water treatment. A pharmaceutical water system could have several locations of installation, usually would be post-carbon filter as carbon and pre-Reverse Osmosis. The USP 31 regulations require upper limit of 500 ppb for TOC for both USP Purified Water as well for WHI (Water for Injection). Aquafine uses a powerful 185nm wavelength appropriately designed to meet TOC Reduction application.

Chlorine or Chloramine is usually added to city water to control bacteria level but it will have effects on degradation of membrane (RO) filtration. Using popular methods for chlorine destruction such as carbon beds or chemical injection have proven to be problematic. Carbon beds could provide breeding grounds for microorganism while checmical injection such as sodium metabisulfite involves replacing one chemical with another and creates food for microorganism. Besides chlorine, ozone is commonly used in pre treatment area for sanitizing process and re-circulating system. Prior to the point-of-use, the residual ozone needs to be destroyed to ensure the process water quality is not compromised. A UV unit could destroy ozone to non-detectable limits using the specific dosage. A dosage 90 mJ/cm2 is recommended for destruction of ozone residuals of 1.0 ppm.

The Benefits of Aquafine UV Systems for your Pharmaceutical Water System:

  • Aquafine offers validated system providing UV lamp, NIST traceable UV sensor validation with certificates, and Bioassay amalgam technology.
  • All systems comply with cGMP, FDA requirements, and sanitary connections conform to DIN and USDA 3A standards.
  • Aquafine has served the diverse Pharmaceutical & Life Science industries for more than 60 years, with unmatched record of failure percentage is less than 0.05%.
  • Simple maintenance is delivered through self-locking mechanism on the SE (single ended) lamp base, making lamps change-outs easy.

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