Keofitt – Sterile Sampling Valve

The Keofitt sampling product range is designed to cover the most common needs for hygienic sampling of liquids in most industries. Most products are industrially universal and available in different combinations to fit your exact needs in terms of both size, installation method, operation method and connections for steam and CIP lines as well as sampling bags.

Keofitt Sterile Sampling Valve


The overall design of the valve is simple and effective. The construction is solid and durable with smooth surfaces to maximise food safety. Keofitt sampling valves are used on wide range of products in Brewery, Dairy, Pharmacutrical, Biochemical and Cosmetic industries. All Keofitt sampling valves are 3A certified. M4 and W9 Keofitt sampling valves are also EHEDG certified.

The Keofitt Sampling Valve is :

  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to Sterillize in Place
  • Completely Food Safe
  • The Best in Sampling





Keofitt Sterile Sampling Bag


  • The Keofitt Sterile Sampling Bag is a single use product. The Keofitt Sterile Sampling Bag is a sterile, pre-irradi­ated product supplied in a sealed PE-bag. The product is to be removed from its sterile bag immediately before use.
  • The Keofitt Sterile Sampling Bag requires no further sterilizing before sampling.
  • The Keofitt Sterile Sampling Bag protects the sample against airborne contamination, while extracting the sample as well as during storage .
  • Using standard adaptors, Keofitt Sterile Sampling Bag becomes compatible with all small and medium sized Keofitt sampling valves.
  • The Keofitt Sterile Sampling Bag is used in a wide range of industries, such as Breweries, Dairies and Phar­maceutical & Biotechnological industries.
  • The Keofitt Sterile Sampling Bag is available in 3 different sizes – 500 ml, 1000 ml and 2000 ml. It is impor­tant to choose the adequate Sampling Bag size in order not to overfill the bag.