Our Customers Are Our Future

Triotirta is committed to the future development and continuous improvement of our capabilities – including people, products, processes and technologies – to consolidate our position in industrial water treatment.

As we understand that our customers’ success is our success, we work hand in hand with them to identify, invest in, and implement sustainable enhancements including learning together through free training and knowledge sharing.

Free UV Technology Training

Either as a new customer or our loyal ones, you might want to know more about us, including about UV technology, both the application and how to design it best to meet your requirements. Feel free to Contact TriotirtaCare to register for free UV training, the knowledge that we summarize with our global partner, Aquafine®.

Make Sure You Are Registered to Our Annual Free Training

As a strategic partner, we grow together with our customers and go deep into their businesses to help them achieve their overall business goals. Therefore, we would held annual training and or seminars, providing our global partners to answer any questions you might have related with water technology. Make sure you are registered to received notification about our annual training invitation and technology update by submitting your registration here.