Custom Engineering

Knowing your water quality, usage, and specification, we could determine the best solution for your water treatment needs. Our application engineers create customized cost effective solutions for the diverse water solution.



We provide custom solutions to meet your need, from UV lamp changing, piping repair, to the whole water treatment design and construction.

Guaranteed Performance

More than 20 year experience in water treatment could guarantee you reliable water performance.

Supported by BWT GmbH, Aquafine®, and Hydranautics

Supported by three world class principals will help you to use the latest technology right from the expert. Latest technology doesn’t only mean the advanced result you would get from the design. It also brings both the simplicity and efficiency toward your project.

TriotirtaCare is Our Commitment for You

We are just a call away. You will have one person that will be there accompanying every step of the way so that you could feel confident in the service you are getting. Your TriotirtaCare person will always do communicate, communicate, communicate so that you never have to be unsure for the success of your project.