BWT Bewazone – Ozone Generator



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Supporting with BWT strong technical and R&D team, Triotirta as the sole agent of BWT for Indonesia for more than 20 years, is well-prepared to serve you with BWT Bewazone installation and service. Triotirta knows that Ozone Generator is not a simple technical products and requires strong technical support. Therefore, TriotirtaCare fully commits to accompany you with continuous after sales technical services. Contact TriotirtaCare to know more about BWT Bewazone – Ozone Generation Unit.

Ozone (O3) – the tri-atomic modification of oxygen – is a powerful oxidant and disinfectant. Within its normal potential, it is far superior compared to other oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide and chlorine. Due to its oxidation power and its high reactivity, ozone can replace or suplement other oxidants in many application areas. Also due to its high reactivity, the ozone molecule is unstable and thus breaks down rapidly. In contrast to other oxidants, ozone cannot therefore be manufactured industrially, transported to the place where it is to be used and stored there.

Ozone is generated locally from oxygen by an electrical discharge in ozone generators. In these units, a high voltage is applied to high-voltage electrodes separated by a dielectricum, generating a high alternating field between them. The resulting silent discharge converts oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3).

BWT Bewazone

BWT’s ozone generators, Bewazone, using pure oxygen as the process gas, are sized specifically for each project. In these generators, the ratio between ozone concentration or oxygen usage, power costs for ozone generation and investment costs are optimised so that oxidation process with ozone can be carried out economically and safe. Depending on the needs, these systems can be designed with suitable additional facilities for ozone generation in vacuum or at high pressure.

Bewazone has been used widely in most bottled water manufacturers and several big-scale shrimp hatcheries in Indonesia, and is proven to deliver the expected disinfection result. Contact TriotirtaCare for Bewazone type selection fitted to your requirements.


Ozone and Cold Storage Helps Extending Aquaculture Products’ Shelf Life

All food products especially fish, shrimp, and other seafood products are highly degradable because it provides rich nutrients to microbes. At low temperatures, bacterial activity is slowed down that causes bacteria to be inactivated, but not destroyed. Controlling or destroying these bacteria helps in maintaining the foods fresher for far longer. Using disinfectants helps in controlling the bacterial activity, but the disinfectant used should not become a part of the food when consumed. Ozone has been approved by USDA and FDA as an antimicrobial agent for use with food processing and brings advantage in such cold storage rooms for better maintenance of stored foods. Research shows that combination of ozone treatment and cold storage (at 4°C) will increase the fish and seafood shelf life considerably.

Advantages of using Ozone for Cold Storage

  • Ozone increases the shelf life of fish and other food products.
  • Ozone treatment results in lower counts of bacteria.
  • Ozone treatment results in higher protein number of the fish.
  • Ozone has no negative impact of fish nutritional properties.
  • Ozone doesn’t change fish color & flavor.
  • Ozone leaves no residue on the fish.

(source: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Vol:4 2010-02-28)

Methods of Ozone Application for Disinfection

  • Ozone dissolved in the rinsing water to wash seafood, meat, vegetable, and fruits.
  • Low level ozone gas can be distributed throughout the cold storage room.
  • Ozone-sterilized ice is used to pack fresh fish and seafood to prolong freshness.

Application Areas Of Ozone

 Drinking water Disinfection, oxidation of organic and inorganic, contamination, removal of iron and manganese
 Mineral water Removal of iron, manganese, and hidrogen sulfide, sterilization of bottles
 Breweries Trearment of brewing water, sterilization of bottles
 Wine bottlers Sterilization of bottles
 Swimming pools Disinfection, deactivation of viruses, breakdown of organic contamination
 Waste water Neutralisation  of cyanide and nitrite, removal of discoloration, oxidative breakdown of dangerous substances, COD reduction
 Cooling water Control of biological growth, biocidal effects
 Exhaust air Oxidation of hidrogen sulfide and nitrogen, oxides, disinfection and deodorization
 Wood and plastic Surface treatment
 Carwash water Disinfection, flocculation, separation of emulsions