SwiftBeverage Series High Performance UV System

The SwiftBeverage Series offers validated UV for beverage disinfection that exceeds FDA and USEPA compliance requirements. This proven protection safeguards against virtually all microorganisms, including Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Adenovirus, proving greater safety and peace of mind. A UV dose of 186mJ/cm2 is required by the USEPA for 4-log treatment of viruses. Validated using a defined surrogate, as per EPA recommended protocols, the SwiftBeverage series gives you the confidence you need.

Aquafine selected a high-resistance surrogate for validating performance to ensure consistency and continued performance through a range or optimal conditions. Our third-party-witnessed validation meets all the recommendations of the USEPA UV Guidance Manual, and allows beverage producers to implement a fully EPA-compliant UV solution for 4-log treatment of viruses with a single unit.

The SwiftBeverage series consists of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a NEMA-3R stainless steel control cabinet featuring a microprocessor-based controller. The compact size maximizes installation flexibility and preserves floor space with the ability to mount in line, horizontally or vertically.

Please contact TriotirtaCare as authorized Aquafine distributor for Indonesia for standard features, options including additional flow rates that could be adjusted with your water system to meet the UV dose, and more information to ensure the proper application and installation.



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