ChloRid Series High Performance UV System

Utilizing medium-pressure lamp technology, Aquafine’s ChloRid series meets and exceeds the diverse needs of market specific applications for the reduction of chlorine and chloramines, as a way to replace conventional carbon filter or chemical addition that sometimes result in unwanted microbial condition. ChloRid series use medium-pressure (MP) lamp technology and are well suited for flow rates greater than 25gpm given the efficiencies gained in meeting dosage intensive applications while being economically competitive.

Used effectively as a system for the reduction of chlorine and chloramines, medium-pressure (MP) lamp technology produces significantly higher levels of UV energy than low-pressure (LP) lamps, resulting in fewer lamps. MP lamps are polychromatic and produce a broad range of wavelengths, highly effective in inactivating microorganisms and reducing chemical compounds present in water.

Please contact TriotirtaCare as authorized Aquafine distributor for Indonesia for standard features, options including additional flow rates that could be adjusted with your water system to meet the UV dose, and more information to ensure the proper application and installation.



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