Aquafine UV Lamps

Field failure of lamps can go undected, creating unacceptable bacteria counts and cause real problems. Aquafine’s record is unmatched. The percentage of genuine Aquafine UV lamps which fail is less than 0.05%. Counterfeiters often use inferior materials and avoid key manufacturing steps to reduce the cost of their products. Beware of bargains that seem too good to be true as such products may be cheap because they are counterfeit or defective. Counterfeit Aquafine lamps could pose significant safety hazards and left undetected. Make sure to purchase genuine Aquafine lamps from Aquafine official distributor for Indonesia, contact TriotirtaCare for special offer of genuine Aquafine products.

Optional validated lamps are also available. A “lamp burn-in/stabilization quality process” is performed for conformance to minimum required intensity values, individually challenged, traceable to a lot number, and provided with a “Validated Lamp Test” certificate.


 3013 STANDARD 12″ 815NM BLUE TOC,CHLORINE 01-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-toc-chlorine-blue
 3052 STANDARD 15″ 815NM BLUE 01-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-toc-chlorine-blue
 3087 STANDARD 30″ 815NM BLUE 01-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-toc-chlorine-blue
 3093 STANDARD 60″ 815NM BLUE 01-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-toc-chlorine-blue
 3030 STANDARD 12″ 254NM MAUVE DISINFECTION,OZONE 02-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-disinfection-ozone-mauve
 3024LM STANDARD  15″ 254NM MAUVE 02-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-disinfection-ozone-mauve
 3092LM STANDARD  30″ 254NM MAUVE 02-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-disinfection-ozone-mauve
 16715 VALIDATED  60″ 254NM MAUVE 02-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-disinfection-ozone-mauve
 16672 VALIDATED 15″ 165NM YELLOW TOC,CHLORINE 03-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-toc-chlorine-yellow
 16679 VALIDATED30″ 165NM YELLOW 03-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-toc-chlorine-yellow
 16689 VALIDATED60″ 165NM YELLOW 03-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-toc-chlorine-yellow
 16714 VALIDATED 15″ 254NM GREEN DISINFECTION,OZONE 04-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-disinfection-ozone-green
 16676 VALIDATED 30″ 254NM GREEN 04-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-disinfection-ozone-green
 16677 VALIDATED 60″ 254NM GREEN 04-aquafine-uv-de-lamp-design-disinfection-ozone-green


 12063 STANDARD 30″ 186NM BLUE TOC,CHLORINE 05-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-blue
 17492 STANDARD 60″ 186NM BLUE 05-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-blue
 17491LM STANDARD 30″ 254NM MAUVE DISINFECTION,OZONE 06-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-mauve
 17492LM STANDARD 60″ 254NM MAUVE 06-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-mauve
 12197 STANDARD ME 30″ 165NM VIOLET TOC,CHLORINE 07-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-violet
 17820 STANDARD ME 60″ 165NM VIOLET 07-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-violet
 12192 STANDARD ME 30″ 254NM CYAN DISINFECTION,OZONE 08-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-cyan
 12024 STANDARD ME 60″ 254NM CYAN 08-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-cyan
 SILVER-S STANDARD MX 30″ 165NM SILVER TOC,CHLORINE 09-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-silver
 SILVER-L STANDARD MX 60″ 165NM SILVER 09-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-silver
 GOLD-S STANDARD MX 30″ 254NM GOLD DISINFECTION,OZONE 10-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-gold
 GOLD-M STANDARD MX 15″ 254NM GOLD 10-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-gold
 GOLD-L STANDARD MX 60″ 254NM GOLD 10-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-gold
 18062 VALIDATED 30″ 165NM YELLOW TOC,CHLORINE 11-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-yellow
 18061 VALIDATED 60″ 165NM YELLOW 11-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-yellow
 18059 VALIDATED 30″ 254NM GREEN DISINFECTION,OZONE 12-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-green
 18060 VALIDATED 60″ 254NM GREEN 12-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-green
 18052 VALIDATED ME 30″ 165NM ORANGE TOC,CHLORINE 13-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-orange
 18053  VALIDATED ME 60″ 165NM ORANGE 13-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-orange
 18050  VALIDATED ME 30″ 254NM BLACK DISINFECTION,OZONE 14-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-black
 18051  VALIDATED ME 60″ 254NM BLACK 14-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-black
 TAN-S  VALIDATED MX 30″ 185NM TAN TOC,CHLORINE 15-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-tan
 TAN-L VALIDATED MX 60″ 185NM TAN 15-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-tan
 CREAM-S VALIDATED MX 30″ 254NM CREAM DISINFECTION,OZONE 16-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-cream
 CREAM-M VALIDATED MX 15″ 254NM CREAM 16-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-cream
 CREAM-L VALIDATED MX 60″ 254NM CREAM 16-aquafine-uv-se-lamp-design-cream


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